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  • Company JobSquad IVS in Agios Amvrosios
    24.05.2019 Updated on: 24.06.2019

    Do you like sun, and are you open for a new lifestyle?If you have a flair for customer service and if you want to get an insight in a new and fast growing industry, then this is the job for you!We are currently looking for Swedish, Finnish and German Customer Service Specialists in Cyprus.Life on a Greek Island can be very relaxed and like a long holiday. Cyprus offers a brilliant mix between the small island life and the bigger city life, as the cities of Limassol and Ayia Napa offers a rich nightlife and a wealth of shopping and restaurant options.Cyprus is known for white beaches and colorful boats, but it also have a ski slope and beautiful mountains and forrest.Living prices in Cyprus is same as in countryside Greece, and they have a great tax setup, to make it easy to relocate. The c...

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